Down with VBT

The Hungry Monkey virtual book tour is underway. Here’s what’s happened so far:

May 8: Lara Ferroni at [Cook and Eat](
May 9: Rebekah Denn at [Eat All About It](

The main idea of the VBT is for me to goad these popular and award-winning writers into telling their readerships about the book. Since anyone reading this blog already knows too much about the book, I won’t post every time a new blog jumps in, but the VBT runs through May 17, and you can follow along with the rest [on the Hungry Monkey site](

7 thoughts on “Down with VBT

  1. James

    Remember me, ex of Bailey/Coy? Just wanted to drop by to congratulate you again on the book and to let you know I’ve put it front and center on our web site and our display shelf. A couple of copies have already headed out the door (fully paid for, of course).

  2. debbie

    Hi Matthew. I ordered my copy yesterday–can’t wait for it to get here! If you’re looking to add a Brooklyn stop to your VBT, I’d love to host you over at Words to Eat By.

  3. Anna

    Hi Matthew! I’m hosting you at University Book Store (you know, that girl who showed up at your door to buy your blue chair). I’m in the middle of your book right now and let me tell you that wherever I am, I am cracking up reading it. In the office, on the sales floor, on the bus, coffee shops and in bed. I love it!!! (Staff recommendation will proceed!) Congrats on the success.

  4. mamster Post author

    One of the many things I love about UBS is that the hosts have obviously actually read the books. Can’t wait to be there.

    I hope you’ve read the book while sitting in the chair you bought from me. When you deal with me, you get the whole package: the book, the chair to read it in, possibly also a smoking jacket.

  5. Anna

    i only read books by authors who can provide me a comfy chair to read it in :)

    p.s. i really hope iris can come to the event, too.

  6. Daria de la Luna

    Matthew, I just finished reading the book and loved it so much I was reading it while pumping gas! Please write another! Have given it a mention on my blog, with link to book site. Thank you for your fabulous writing, so funny that I had to read large portions of it outloud to my wife.

  7. ts

    Everywhere I click, I find a review of your book. You have a lot of friends! And you need to update this post – or I guess we can just click on the Monkey link.

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