No doubt you’ve suspected as much, but it’s time to admit it. I’ve been neglecting this blog in favor of something else.

That something else is called HUNGRY MONKEY, and it will be published by Harcourt Trade Publishers in spring 2009. It will be based on the blog, but with at least 75 percent new material, including recipes. If I post even less frequently than usual over the next six months, it’s because I am tending to the monkey. You will still find me regularly on Serious Eats and Culinate, as well as monthly in Seattle Magazine and occasionally in the Sunday Seattle Times.

I have some thank-yous to dole out, but I doubt anyone wants to read the acknowledgments section of a book that won’t be out for a year and a half, and I’m afraid of leaving someone out. So thanks to everyone involved, and I will try not to mention the book again until you can pre-order it.

13 thoughts on “Bookish

  1. Matt Wright

    Nice one!! I was waiting for more info on your book!

    Really looking forward to reading the stories, and checking out the recipes.

    Congrats, I am sure it is going to be a hit.

  2. Wendy

    Just last night, we had this conversation:

    Wendy: Matthew must be busy.

    Nicole: He must be working on something else.

    Wendy: Maybe the book.

  3. Wendy

    Yes, actually. I pretty much use yellow onions for everything cooked, except when the CSA sends red ones. But I know there are a few different types, and I don’t know much about what to use when. Boiling onions? White onions? Walla Walla sweets? Vidalias?

  4. Robin

    I want to know about onions – I find it intriguing how I can totally despise them in the raw form, and absolutely love them in their cooked form.

    I use white onions for most mexican cooking, but yellow or red for everything else, by the way.

    By the by, my first thought was that you were referring to yourself as a Hungry Monkey, but now I suspect you that Iris is the Hungry Monkey of the title.

  5. mamster Post author

    Robin, assuming it’s not the texture, what you despise about raw onions is the sulfurous compounds that have a sharp taste and make you cry but which are largely destroyed by cooking.

    I don’t like raw onions either, except on tacos.

  6. Jason Cheung

    Congrats! I’d like to be the first to reserve an autographed copy. That will be right about the time that Cooper will be eating more then Jook and mashed up bananas…Seriously, Congratulations.

  7. GREAT

    Even though we heard something very vague from your father, we figured he might be somewhat prejudicial in his interpretation of the facts as they really are. However, now that we have really heard the fact from you directly, how can we tell you how happy and proud we are of you, and how pleased that there are still some people who can appreciate both originality and intelligence in this pseudo-ultra-sophisticated world around us! GREAT!

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