Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo

Pretty Good Number One

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_”The layers of the city, its extraordinary food pleasures, its quirkinesses, emerge as the author and his family spend an intense month living in Tokyo and exploring widely…Warning: this book will make you hungry. You’ll yearn, as I do, to catch the next plane to Tokyo, so you can get eating.”_

—**Naomi Duguid**, writer and traveler; her most recent book is [BURMA: Rivers of Flavor]( (Artisan 2012)

_”This is the book I’ve been hoping Matthew would write: smart, opinionated, and wickedly funny, crammed with in-the-know tips and observations… I love this book.”_

—**Molly Wizenberg**, author of [A Homemade Life]( and blogger, [Orangette](

Tokyo is the city of skyscrapers and bullet trains, high-tech toilets and souped-up vending machines.

Tokyo is the city where, every morning, your neighbors pin underwear to clotheslines and the chef down the street nods hello as he strikes the head off a wriggling eel.

In _Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo,_ a Seattle family finds out what it’s really like to live and eat in this most exciting and misunderstood of places. Traveling to the world’s biggest city to live in a tiny apartment and ride overcrowded trains may not sound like your idea of a relaxing vacation.

But Tokyo, it turns out, is a city to fall in love with…

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## More praise

“Pretty Good Number One will put a smile on your face quicker than you can say ‘Arigato!’… Perfectly sums up all of the reasons why I myself fell in love with the country, and why, once you have been, you will want to return again and again.”

—Rachael Hutchings,

“A must-read for anyone traveling to Tokyo or dreaming of that future trip.”

—Yukari Sakamoto, author of Food Sake Tokyo