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  1. Catherine

    Nope. Didn’t work for me. But I was actually wanting to post to tell you that I just finished your book this evening and loved every page of it. I picked it up at my public library on Saturday and had a hard time staying on task with all the other aspects of my life. I just wanted to keep reading the book. I have 3 munchkins (7,4 and almost 2) and at times get very frustrated with the changing demands of what they will and won’t eat. I am grateful that we can visit a Japanese restaurant and my 7 year old sings for joy that she can devour many California rolls. Our 2 year old points to her sushi and is also all over it. My 4 year old is happy with chicken skewers and can’t get enough of the edamame. It could be much worse. And your book has allowed me to just breath and allow them to have their opinions with the knowledge that things can and do change. And one last note…I am Canadian and also love the sour cream glazed timbits. You mentioned in your book that you should try buying the actual donut. My advice…stick with the timbit. The donut/glaze ratio is much tastier in the smaller size.

  2. Fran Manushkin

    Matthew, the two of you were splendid! Iris is so natural, so poised. A terrific appearance! Are you available to come to our PEN Spring party tonight??

  3. caleb

    video is great on your post, but is a completely different video about gasoline on my rss reader.

    “are you sure iris isn’t asian?” whaaaaaat?

  4. David in San Antonio

    My son and my three-year-old twin granddaughters are on a parallel path. Last Saturday, he and my DIL had a sitter while they went out for lunch and to see the new Star Wars. When they got home, the sitter said that the girls had been working with their toy stove and told her, “We’re daddies because we like to cook!”

    David, who taught their daddy how to cook

  5. Lauren

    Everyone in my office has watched this now because I was squealing so much when I watched it. Iris is adorable! Matthew you look so natural on tv!

  6. Kirsten

    What a great segment! I was posting to say WOW – I just saw your book in the NASHVILLE airport! (under the self help section!) But I see from this adorable clip that you are in fact a national sensation, (not just a local treasure) and Seattle must share you with the world. Congratulations!

  7. mamster Post author

    Was it at Hudson News, Kirsten? I heard their buyer liked my book, but I haven’t seen it in an airport yet. And thanks!

  8. Kirsten

    Sorry for the delay – yes, it was Hudson books. Didn’t pick one up, as one was already waiting for me at my local independent book store. I was impressed to see it in the central time zone, but my local loyalty won over :)

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