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Green Goddess: The subtle pleasures of green tea

> Take a trip to your local supermarket, and you might find Lipton 100% Green, Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical, Stash Premium Green, or Bigelow Naturally Decaffeinated. All will assure you that they are loaded with antioxidants. Some, such as Yogi Tea Slim Life, claim to help you lose weight.

> But few will tell you–on the front of the box at least–whether they contain Chinese or Japanese tea. This is a major omission, because to my palate, Chinese and Japanese green teas are as distinct as green and black tea. They’re grown and processed differently, and the difference in the cup is huge.

One dumb fact I ended up cutting: if you want to brew your green tea at a perfect 175°F, one way to do it is to boil your water at Everest Base Camp, elevation 17,700 feet.

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