Koots and Grubs

On my way to Whole Foods at Denny and Westlake, I stopped at Koots Green Tea, the new Seattle location of a Japanese tea chain. On the one hand, it’s a chain, with Starbucks-style design (high design standard, but canned feel). On the other hand, a tea chain is a cool idea, the prices are low, and the wi-fi is free. I got my genmaicha in a nice ceramic cup. They also serve a cup of organic matcha for $2, which is a steal.

I question the wisdom of serving only green tea, given that tea as a whole is a tiny market in the US.

If you’re looking for a Seattle tea shop to call your own, I’m still partial to [Remedy Teas](http://www.remedyteas.com/). But if you’re stopping at Whole Foods (and sooner or later you will, right?), give Koots a try.

Oh, what’s the deal with the name, you ask? I don’t know. I couldn’t find an explanation on their web site. You’d think this would be everyone’s first question.

3 thoughts on “Koots and Grubs

  1. h-Moose

    Try the new Green Tea by Kirkland Signature brand at Costco (of course it comes in like 100 bag size). It is made by Ito-ya or something like that in Japan and it is green tea blended with matcha. You can see the matcha powder when you pull it out the bag. The bag is made of good quality nylon and the paper tip has a slit so you can hook it on to your cup. So cool, and the tea is good. Nice color too. It came out recently and Costco is having a hard time keeping it in stock. -Moose

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