Salty toast

My mom said, “If you’re going to Whole Foods, pick Dad up some almond butter.” I did, and realized I hadn’t had almond butter in years, and it sounded good. So I grabbed a jar for us, too. Whole Foods sells its own almond butter for $6. There’s also some gourmet brand for–I kid you not–$18.

The almond butter was pretty tasty, but it’s unsalted and tastes like it. I briefly considered trying to stir some salt into the jar. Then I realized there was a better way. I spread some almond butter on toast and sprinkled it with kosher salt.

This was not only good, it was way better than salted almond butter would have been. And Iris loves helping to sprinkle the salt. Now I sometimes sprinkle salt on peanut buttered toast, too.

I highly recommend salting your toast, but if I ever start talking about putting fleur de sel on my toast, please kick me.

2 thoughts on “Salty toast

  1. ParserGirl

    I so approve of adding salt to improve flavor. I’ve been known to salt cookies which contained insufficient sodium.

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