The toast of my youth

In the course of turning Texas Toast into French toast, I noticed two facts about Texas Toast. First, even if French toast isn’t your thing, Texas Toast makes great regular buttered toast (actually, Laurie discovered this). Second, Texas Toast is dyed yellow with annatto and turmeric, which I guess is how they do it in Texas.

This was indeed the French toast of my youth. We’ll probably go back to challah French toast next week, but it’s good to know this is available.

While I was mixing up the batter I realized that there are two kinds of French toast batter, and each of them can be used as something else. This kind is an egg custard. The kind we make on usual Sundays includes flour and is a thin pancake batter. I wonder what would happen if you used brownie batter.

Serves 2 adults and 1 child (multiply the recipe at will)

*”Unless you are Jake or Ben, you will not need additional butter,” writes my mom. Jake and Ben are my younger brothers; the two of them together can eat four times as much as me. Mom’s recipe didn’t include salt, but I like to put some in.*

5 slices Texas Toast or other thick-sliced sandwich bread
4 large eggs
1 cup half-and-half
2 teaspoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1. In a pie pan, whisk together the eggs, half-and-half, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Place two slices of bread (or more, if you have a really big pie plate) in the mixture and poke the top sides of the bread all over with a fork. After 30 seconds, flip the slices and soak an additional 30 seconds. Transfer to a plate. Repeat with the remaining bread.

2. Heat a stainless or cast-iron skillet, or an electric frying pan (best choice, because it can cook four slices at once and a skillet can only manage two), over medium to medium-high heat. Melt a generous knob of butter in the pan and add as many slices of bread as can comfortably fit. Cook 2 to 3 minutes per side, or until nicely mottled golden brown. Serve with fake maple syrup, or real maple syrup if that’s your orientation.

3 thoughts on “The toast of my youth

  1. Judy (MOM)

    When we were in a Kaiser Permanente Cholesterol Study, I was told to make this with Eggbeaters, skim milk and Pam. Don’t do that. It’s not Frenchie, it’s Healthie.

  2. Misty

    I have a very similar recipe except instead of your famed Texas Toast we use a cut up loaf of french bread. I also tend to use a lot of Penzey’s China Cassia Cinnamon. Yum! Yeah, for french toast!

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