Toast conclave

Probably there are few things kids like to hear less than that their parent is going to a meeting. Maybe we should say “playdate” instead of meeting.

It seems I may have used the M-word too often. This morning, Iris was eating toast with jam. Even though she’s capable of eating bites off a big piece of toast, she prefers toast bits, so I cut her some. After eating a few, she arranged the remaining ones into a huddle and said:

“Those ones having a meeting, just like Dada’s meeting.”

One thought on “Toast conclave

  1. Andrew Feldstein

    I love the Iris stories, but this one made me smile extra big!

    My Lila’s only just 1 year and 3 months. She’s really good at saying “Thank You”–whether it’s one of us giving her something or whether she’s doing the giving.

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