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The Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants?

> My reaction to this list is basically selfish: I don’t like most of these restaurants, so why would I take my kid to one as long as we can come up with a restaurant that we’ll both like? Then again, I know millions of adults do like these restaurants, so maybe they’ll find this useful, if they can slog through Parents’ website.


First Taste: The Corson Building

> We all fought over a mound of intensely flavored roasted scallions and baby carrots, and my single favorite flavor of the evening was the pancetta-spiked fava beans accompanying the roast beef. Don’t be timid about asking your neighbor to pass you seconds of those—you’ve just met your tablemates, after all, and what do you care if they think you’re a fava glutton?

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  1. Wendy

    I really like the Old Spaghetti Factory. You get plenty of perfectly good spaghetti, and then at the end you get the scoop of ice cream which you’ve totally forgotten comes with the meal. I’ve had worse spaghetti at non-chain Italian restaurants, for sure, and it’s far better than the spaghetti I had the one time I went to a local “Italian-American” restaurant. And, of course, OSF is miles and miles better than the Olive Garden.

    But I laugh to think of how, in my senior year of high school, my artsy English class went on what we thought was a very sophisticated field trip: three art galleries and lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory.

  2. matt wright

    This is interesting stuff. I agree with you Matthew – I don’t like any of the places listed here, and wouldn’t take my son to them for a few reasons.. mainly because in my mind they don’t serve the kind of food I want Drake to be eating.. but maybe I am just a food snob.

    I had an interesting phone call to a local pizza place recently (the name begins with Via..)… I wanted a table, and asked if they were good with young kids.. The reply I got was “yes, we love young kids, but our space is tight, and we don’t have any high-chairs”… Obviously you don’t like kids enough to accomodate them….

    I agree about Japanese restaurants – our favorite to take Drake to right now is Flo’s over in Bellevue (we work nearby).. They just love kids there, and make him so welcome. Cafe Lago is awesome too, but the prices there are rediculous for the food.

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