Fast food

There’s a new location of Mae Phim Thai restaurant in downtown Seattle, right near where I often catch the bus. It’s been open a couple weeks and I think I’ve eaten there four times. The food is no better than dozens of other Thai restaurants, but they have a winning formula:

  • Everything on the menu (other than specials and combos) is $6.
  • They assume you’re in a hurry; the food is fast, and they bring the check along with your lunch.
  • It’s a wide selection of Thai-American favorites. I like the beef panang curry.
  • The portion size is just right; I’m not going to have to decide whether to bring leftovers home. (I imagine this means other people will find the portions too small. Oh well.)

Don’t get me wrong–sometimes I like to linger over lunch. But I also like good fast food.

3rd and Pike, downtown Seattle

Mae Phim on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Fast food

  1. mamster Post author

    Seems exactly the same to me. Also, the Pike location is starting to seem a little run-down, which is awesome, since they opened last month.

  2. Sarah Dion

    Been there twice- once it was comparable to the original location and once it was really almost inedible.

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