Industry collusion

I’m at the Tully’s Coffee on 19th. I ordered a tea for here. At this Tully’s, for some reason, their tea-sized mugs are a random assortment like you’d see in an office lunchroom.

This time they did something that has never happened to me before in hundreds if not thousands of visits to Seattle coffeehouses. They gave me my tea in a mug *from a competing coffee chain.* (Verite, to be exact.)

I think this is the very definition of confidence.

2 thoughts on “Industry collusion

  1. Katelyn

    Fascinating. It seems like some kind of expression of dominance on Tully’s part, like… “We can serve OUR corporate beverages in whatever receptacle we like, including that of our competitors, because in the face of our attentive service and delectable product, the visage of our competitors fades.”

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