Put me in your mix

This week in my food writing class I brought in ten potential trail mix ingredients and had the students divide into teams and create their own trail mix, then write a recipe. I deliberately brought along some weird-ass ingredients, mostly from Trader Joe’s.

The students kindly gave me permission to share their recipes. Here’s what they came up with. Oh, avellanas are apparently Chilean hazelnuts. They’re seriously crunchy.

by Rose and Aisha

*When backpacking in your neighborhood or an exotic land, this mix will revitalize your chi! Young coconut can be replaced with shredded (dried) coconut!*

1/4 cup almonds
3/4 cup peanuts
1/2 cup young coconut chunks
1/4 cup tamari cashews

Combine ingredients in bowl and hand mix. Note: Make in a Ziploc bag for easy shaking access.

An adventurous recipe**
by Dave, Nick, and Adrian

*This recipe is not quite as bad as the title suggests. This recipe tends to include many spicy ingredients such as wasabi peas. Serve to people who you know.*

2 palmfuls wasabi peas
1 handful rice crackers
5 of the spicy crackers (white ones)
3 tablespoons peanuts (salted or other)
1 tablespoon almonds

Combine in bowl and hand toss.

by Chloë and Myell

*It tastes good, has a sweet, salty, and spicy taste. Good to eat while watching a movie.*

1/4 avellanas (or substitute hazelnuts)
3/4 cup coconut
1/8 cup yogurt raisins (or substitute chocolate covered raisins)
1/4 cup peanuts
1/8 cashews
1/4 cup almonds
1 teaspoon salt-chile mangoes

1. Mix items except for mangoes in plastic bowl.

2. Dice mangoes into small pieces.

3. Mix mangoes and other mixture together.

2 thoughts on “Put me in your mix

  1. MOM (Judy)

    THe avellanas would ruin anything you add them to. We searched our food memories for what they reminded us of, but came up with the way we think moldy grout would taste.

  2. mamster Post author

    Oh, I forgot to mention, the one with the avellanas was called POOL-MIX because the creators thought they tasted like chlorine.

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