Eat cookies! Eat a cat!

Laurie has been kindly taking requests from the Martha Stewart Holiday Cookies special issue, the one that kept Hsiao-Ching Chou of the P-I up all night and forced Megan Seling of the Stranger to embark on a cookie marathon. As of today, Seling has made 54 cookies.

Nevertheless, assuming Seling still has the capacity to enjoy any cookie, she has a real treat ahead, because she hasn’t yet made the best cookie in the whole magazine. I say this having tasted only four recipes, but I’m positive one of them is the best cookie in the magazine, because it’s one of the best cookies I’ve had in my whole life: chocolate malt sandwiches.

CookiemagYou make a ganache with bittersweet chocolate, half-and-half, cream cheese, and a lot of malt powder. Then sandwich that between two thin, chewy chocolate cookies. I want to pull out my crusty palette of food-writer adjectives to describe them, but you’re already sold, aren’t you?

I can’t find anyone selling the magazine online, but it’s supposed to be on newsstands until January 2. It’s Martha Stewart; how hard could it be to find?

After dinner, Iris ate some bites of cookie and enjoyed them as much as I did. Then she started rooting through her toybox and found a sushi rolling mat. I’ve never used it to make sushi, but Iris announced, “Roll up Littlecat!” Littlecat, a Beanie Baby, was promptly rolled up in the mat. “Littlecat sandwich,” she said, chewing on his whiskers.

Really, I don’t want to be one of those people who thinks certain foods make their child loopy, but I think chocolate may make Iris just a wee bit loopy.

4 thoughts on “Eat cookies! Eat a cat!

  1. Megan Seling

    Hahaha! Kitties and cookies, my two favorite things!

    I can’t wait for the chocolate malt sandwiches. I’ve been eyeing those from day one. Glad to hear they’re as good as they look! And don’t worry, I can still enjoy a good cookie.

    Mmm… cookies.

  2. Andrew Feldstein

    Found this on (I’m on hold now trying to order this issue):

    For back issues of Martha Stewart Living, and other magazines from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, call 1-800-274-6800.

  3. mamster Post author

    I’m really glad you posted that, Andrew, because I noticed in my referrer log that someone googled for something like “Martha Stewart Holiday Cookies where to buy” and found my site, which was totally unhelpful. Come back, random net person!

  4. Andrew Feldstein

    I did order it, and it was $5.95 ppd., which is probably the same price I would have had to pay were I to actually find it left over on some magazine shelf somewhere.

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