Iris Out Loud #3: Trophy Cupcakes

Neil, avert your ears, because here comes a full-on cupcake shop podcast. Iris Out Loud #3: Trophy Cupcakes (1.6MB AAC) We didn’t catch this on tape, but while we were there, Trophy Cupcakes owner Jennifer Shea was frosting a party cake consisting of a couple dozen cupcakes in the shape of an octopus. It caused […]

The ravishing radish

When Iris was born, she received a gift from the Seattle Public Library: a free board book. I chose My Food/Mi Comida by Rebecca Emberley. (I also got to thinking about how I could exploit this free gift thing, maybe by bringing in a huge sack of babies and demanding dozens of free books.) Each […]

Cupcakes and beer

How to make Iris love you forever: tell her, “I got you a special treat…and it’s cupcakes!” We’d been planning to check out Trophy Cupcakes, the new upstart cupcake shop in Wallingford, but Trophy Cupcakes unexpectedly came to me. I was at Remedy Teas this morning and noticed cupcakes, and they were, indeed, Trophy’s. I […]