Iris Out Loud #3: Trophy Cupcakes

Neil, avert your ears, because here comes a full-on cupcake shop podcast.

Iris Out Loud #3: Trophy Cupcakes (1.6MB AAC)

We didn’t catch this on tape, but while we were there, Trophy Cupcakes owner Jennifer Shea was frosting a party cake consisting of a couple dozen cupcakes in the shape of an octopus. It caused Iris to seriously rethink her plans for her next birthday. Which is, after all, only nine months away.

3 thoughts on “Iris Out Loud #3: Trophy Cupcakes

  1. Maggi

    Oh, Iris… you are so cute! And I can’t even see you!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your cupcake, and your Mommy’s Cupcake, and your Daddy’s cupcake….

  2. Auntie Nan

    Does Iris have the book, “Hey There Cupcake” by Clare Crespo? I think Clare and Iris would get along famously. Here’s a question she was asked, with her answer: Was there any point where you got sick of cupcakes?

    There’s no way I could get sick of cupcakes. I would be really scared if I did. There would be a huge void in my life!

  3. mamster Post author

    Yes, she certainly has that book. It was her standard naptime read for a while. Like, the whole book.

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