Help! I’m trapped in this blog

I got an email the other day from a guy who said, “You never tell anyone what you’re up to anymore.” Good point, guy.

So here I am, blowing up your RSS. Mostly to ask for money, but that’s not all. Here’s where to find me these days:

* First up, I have a novel coming out (my first), and I’m funding it on Kickstarter. It’s called [Our Secret Better Lives](, and it’s about Katy, a first-year at a small college in L.A. in 1994 who might actually have a shot at becoming a rock star. If you enjoy my food writing, I think you’re going to love this. It’s funny and sweet and full of snappy dialogue. I’d love your help publishing it. [Read the first chapter now]( and [pledge here]( Thank you!

* I’ve just started writing for [Supper Club](, a division of The A.V. Club, a division of The Onion. My first piece, about Seattle teriyaki, will be out next week.

* I also write other books, most recently [Not One Shrine: Two Food Writers Devour Tokyo]( Look for them in book places.

* And I still cohost [Spilled Milk]( every week with Molly Wizenberg. Best job I’ve ever had. We did a live show in Seattle last week, and we have another coming up soon. Listen to the show for details.

* Finally, I occasionally write pieces for Medium unrelated to food or anything else, like [this piece about a semi-obscure English pop band](

Hope that covers it, guy!