A conversation after dinner

Iris and I had lunch today at Blue C Sushi, the conveyor belt sushi place. Iris ate and enjoyed a tempura green bean.

After dinner, I had to drag Iris into the shower because she was absorbed in a new book.

Laurie: Books are evil.

Matthew: Yeah. Iris, from now on, no more books, only video games.


Matthew: And no more salad, only burgers.

Iris: That’s okay, because I don’t like salad.

Matthew: You like green beans, though. You ate one today.

Iris: Yeah, but it had a crunchy outfit around it.

5 thoughts on “A conversation after dinner

  1. denise (chez danisse)

    A crunchy outfit can make a green bean. Yesterday evening the crunch of freshly ground pepper, Fleur de Sel, some toasted pine nuts (plus the generous drizzle of olive oil) that dressed my green beans put me right on the same page with Iris.

  2. Jeanine

    This is one of Laurie’s BT friends from Vancouver – I was in a bookstore the other day and was so pleased to see Hungry Monkey prominently displayed! Although I only met Iris once, I remember her fondly and am so happy for all of you – I hope the book is a great success!

  3. Chris

    Hungry Monkey has the special “Staff Favorites” tag at the University of Washington bookstore! In case Iris needs a new book.

  4. Krissy Kinkaid

    I picked up your book back in May when I was in Seattle visiting a local bookstore, thinking it would come in handy when my four nieces come over to stay with us. I am sad to say I just got around to reading it, and happily could not put the book down – it was so funny, and touching. There are some great recipes, and I learned so much about liquid reduction and braising. I was just feeling like my cooking was stuck in a rut, and you, sir, have inspired me. Maybe someday, I will have my own monkey, Lord willing, but for now, I will be contented to expand my repertoire and go on culinary adventure with my husband. Your book will be one I will recommend to all my Mommy friends and family. Well done.

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