Sconed immaculate

I’ve gotten into kind of a breakfast rut lately: toast, english muffins, pancakes, sausage, bacon, fruit. Not all at the same time. So today I decided to make scones.

Rarely have I met a scone I liked. The very worst are the Mostly Muffins scones they sell on Amtrak, which manage to be both dense and dry on the inside and sticky and greasy on the outside. I guess you don’t need me to go through the taxonomy of bad scones. My point is just don’t get a scone on Amtrak.

Anyway, I was inspired by a recent savory scone at Oddfellows. It was something like bacon and scallion. I found some ground pork in the freezer and grated some extra-sharp Tillamook cheddar. I cooked up the pork and salted and peppered it and declared it sausage. (Did you know I have the power to declare anything sausage by executive order? Seriously, the Supreme Court said it was okay.)

Otherwise, I followed the Cook’s Illustrated cream scone recipe from Baking Illustrated, omitting the currants and adding the sausage and cheese to the dough in the food processor. The scones were great–light and cheesy. Iris approved. “Wow, I didn’t know these would be so good,” she said.

She has learned to be wary of my experiments. Last night I said I was going to make baked eggs. I checked the eggs after ten minutes or so and they were underdone. I let them go another ten minutes and the yolks got bullet-hard. I threw them out and we all had scrambled eggs for dinner.

9 thoughts on “Sconed immaculate

  1. Melody

    Your title made me laugh.

    I have also never met a scone I liked, and am deeply suspicious of a scone that even you describe as “great”, though I’m inclined to trust you on other matters.

  2. mamster Post author

    Melody, I was really amazed that according to Google, nobody else has made the same dumb joke.

    These scones were great ten minutes out of the oven, I should clarify. I don’t know if they’ll be any good this afternoon.

  3. Lauren

    Those scones sound great. I have some sausage leftover from my Scotch egg experiment this weekend and this sounds like a perfect use for them. I bet I can even freeze them and just grab one on my way to work – awesome!

  4. Lani

    Those cooks illustrated scones are the bomb-diggity. I happen to love scones, though, so I may be biased.

    Particularly good ones can be found at PCC, and Caffe Vita carries a very nice raspberry jam scone. But they’re so easy to make and do at home.

  5. dancinmikeb

    So never cold cereal? Your “breakfast rut” sounds like our once-in-awhile special weekend breakfast.

  6. Laurie

    Mike, you gotta remember, HE’S not on teacher schedule. I’m the cold cereal member of the family.

    (Also, great weekday breakfast: toast English muffin. Top with sliced avocado, salt, pepper. Squish with fork. Eat.)

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