Rich creamery noodles

Yesterday I stopped for lunch at Samurai Noodle, a ramen place near Uwajimaya. I was going to order my usual tonkotsu ramen (pork broth) until I noticed that they’d added miso ramen since my last visit.

Miso is my favorite ramen at my favorite ramen shop, Kintaro in Vancouver, so I went for it. Good move. The miso broth was cloudy, salty, and porky. Floating atop the noodles were corn kernels, bean sprouts, roast pork, and a slice of kamaboko (fish cake). As usual, I took a tour with my chopsticks, nibbling a niblet, a bite of pork, and then the fishcake, which lacked the usual hot pink border.

I took a bite of the fish cake and my teeth sank into it in slow motion, which is when I realized that it was not a fishcake but a pat of butter. The person next to me saw this and laughed.

If you try the miso ramen, do not be like me.

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4 thoughts on “Rich creamery noodles

  1. Lauren

    Samurai Noodle has been threatening to come to the Ave for at least a year now. I am very impatient as I looooove a good ramen/udon/other noodle soup and there isn’t much non-Vietnamese noodle soup on the Ave. Please correct me if I am wrong!!

    (Of course I love Vietnamese noodle soup too, but sometimes one needs a ramen.)

    But I am glad to know that if Samurai Noodle should ever manage to arrive in the space with the big “Samurai Noodle” sign in the window, I should not eat the pat of butter. Thanks for the heads-up.

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