3 thoughts on “Chops

  1. matt wright

    Great article Matthew.
    I own a Shun (as you know), and have to say that I wouldn’t buy another. It is completely awesome, but it’s a lot of cash. I tend to be a little brutal on knives (I, like you, view them as tools), and sometimes even rather clumsy… I would just have a heart attack if I did something stupid, and broke it.

    I own some Globals and Whustof’s too. Out of the two, I go for the German.. The steel stays sharper for longer. Globals sharpen up fine, but they are soft and loose their edge really quickly for me.

    My next purchases are most likely going to be Mac, unless Daniel convinces me otherwise, or I win the lotto that I don’t enter.

  2. mamster Post author

    Matt, if you’re thinking Mac, consider the Togiharu instead. It’s about the same price, performs just as well or better, and looks nicer. I’m really enjoying mine. Not that Mac is bad.

    Or have you thought about carbon steel? I was skeptical, but I recently got myself a carbon steel paring knife and it’s coming along nicely; no rust yet.

  3. matt wright

    I haven’t thought much about carbon steel knives, but they do interest me. I guess I have to wait for one of my knives to break (opps, silly me..) before I get another!

    I have been thinking a lot about getting some more carbon steel pans though.

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