The rise in food prices has been mostly annoying, of course, but the other day I was at QFC and said, “Hey, that’s cool.”

I was in the cooking oil section. The price of canola is way, way up. The price of peanut hasn’t changed. (Yet.) I keep good Hong Kong peanut oil in my fridge at all times, but when I need to use a couple of cups of oil, I reach for canola, because I’m a cheapskate.

Now, however, I’m going peanut all the way. I bought a bottle of Planters for $5 and used some last night for pan-frying smelt. Crispy and fabulous. Probably when peanut oil goes up again, I’ll be too hooked on it to switch back.

In another price distortion, King Arthur flour now costs over a dollar more than the fancy local flour (Shepherd’s Grain). I say “distortion,” but I suppose this actually makes sense. So I’m buying the local.

I love shopping.

8 thoughts on “Peanutty

  1. Andrew Feldstein

    I love shopping too!

    The last time I bought peanut oil, it was in the ginormous bottle at Costco, for about $30-some bucks. Lasted two years.

    I’m thinking I better go back and stock up.

  2. mamster Post author

    The local fancy is a new thing. I actually find the KA to be better-sifted, but a couple of pro bakers I know really like the Shepherd’s Grain, which is all the endorsement I need.

  3. ts

    I was amazed to see Bob’s Red Mill for less than $4.00 for 5 lbs at PCC – KA was around $7.00. I think KA is $4.00 at TJ’s.

    Do you have to go to the U-district Farmer’s Market for Shepherd’s Grain? I have a locavore dinner coming up, so it might come in handy!


  4. mamster Post author

    No, ts, they sell Shepherd’s Grain at QFC on 15th. I do have to go to the U District for Bluebird Grain farro.

  5. ts

    Thanks for the lead. I stopped in at QFC and looked for it with the rest of the flour. Stone Buhr, milled in Seattle (and milling for Shepherd’s Grain according to the website,) was there, but did not see Shepherd’s Grain. Do I need to look in a health food section or something?
    Thank you!

  6. mamster Post author

    No, it’s filed in the same section. They may have been out, I suppose. I bought it there as recently as two weeks ago.

    It doesn’t say “Shepherd’s Grain” as prominently on the package as “Stone Buhr.”

  7. GentlyFeral

    King Arthur Flour costs about $5/5-lb bag where I live, and yes, Stone-Buhr costs about a dollar less. But the better bread now costs about $5 a LOAF, so no matter what flour I buy, I’m saving lots-o-money: 5 lbs yields at least 5 loaves of bread.

    I’m grateful for the peanut-oil tip, though. I dimly remember seeing it locally for … $25/gallon, I think. As opposed to $10/quart for olive oil.

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