Not my pick

Last time I bought toothpicks, I noticed that the package design seemed to be at least thirty years out of date, and I liked it. My thought must have caused a psychic disturbance at the Penley toothpick company, because they’ve redesigned. Check this out.

Old picks, new picks

They seem to have gone from the 60s straight to the 90s. Not an improvement. Also, I wonder how the word “count” got added to the box. Was “250 round toothpicks” unclear in focus groups? Did people expect .250 gauge toothpicks?

8 thoughts on “Not my pick

  1. Greg Turner

    The old design is totally better. The “250 count” protects them from litigious whiners who might bemoan 249 or 251 toothpicks in the box when they were promised a straight-up 250. Sadder than the new box design, I know.

  2. heather

    wait…so when the word “count” is on a box of something, it means “ish?”

    or it means “250, count ’em yourself, we sure aren’t going to.”

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