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SmartShopper: A Real Yo-Yo of a Device

> It’s an electronic shopping list, and catalogs like Sur La Table and The Sharper Image are pushing it this holiday season. And if your idea of fun is getting into a screaming fight with your fridge, I highly recommend you pick one up.

SmartShopper did many other funny things that I didn’t mention in this short piece. Like, at one point it suggested I wanted to buy LIQUID TEA. Is this an actual phrase people use?

I was going to mention that a good prank would be to go to the house of someone who uses SmartShopper and program funny or obscene things into it, but that assumes that you know someone who uses SmartShopper, and I felt bad about accusing my readers of this. It’s like if I told you to sabotage your buddy’s Segway.

2 thoughts on “Not so smaht

  1. jennywenny

    I find my smart shopper on my palm pilot invaluable. It means I have my list with me at all times, so can add stuff at any time. I just got an iphone so I’m trying to negotiate a webapp shopping device on that so we’ll see how it goes. I dont really like the idea of a device that prints out a list as it defeats the object as far as I’m concerned.

  2. mamster Post author

    Hi, Jenny. This is a totally different thing than SmartShopper on the Palm, which I recommend.

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