Get shirty

[The Roots and Grubs T-shirt Emporium](*)

This is a great day for civilization in general and Roots and Grubs readers in particular. The shirts are here!

Two designs are available, and you can get each in a huge variety of styles and colors, including baby and child sizes. You can even get organic cotton.

The “faces” logo was designed by Eric Zirkle and Dana Craig Zirkle. The “silverware” logo was designed by [Misty Granade]( All of whom rock.

Note that you can get either logo in a full-shirt format or lapel size. Roll over the shirts in the gallery to see what I mean. (Also, the small-logo shirts have “small” in the name.)

Both of these logos will work best on a light-colored shirt. If you try ordering a black shirt and they look all psychedelic, well, welcome to That 70s Shirt.


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