What’s that crunch?

I’m pretty good at getting out of Whole Foods without too many impulse buys, but what was I supposed to do about this?

Yes, it’s a chocolate bar with bacon. I knew the price would be absurd, but obviously I’d put an unneeded limb on eBay to get it.

The bar turned out to be $7, and it’s *fantastic*. The bacon is not just a gimmick. They manage to keep the bacon crunchy, and it also has smoked salt in it. I would eat this bar every day.

Once I was writing an article in which I explained that I’d found a bacon-enhanced recipe for scallion pancakes but was passing it by because scallion pancakes were perfectly good without bacon. Casting about for a comparison, I said, “I’d probably eat tarte tatin with bacon.” That was before Amanda Hesser wrote an item for the New York Times entitled “Who put the pancetta in the apple tart? Good move.” Now, I’m trying to think of *something* that I would actually be averse to putting bacon in, and I can’t think of anything.

I guess it’s true what they say.

6 thoughts on “What’s that crunch?

  1. Ben

    I really love this bar! Some of the other Vosges bars are also excellent. The Barcelona, and the Woolloomooloo are great, and the Goji and the Calindia are pretty terrific too.
    The spicier ones are all definitely good, but I don’t remember them specifically.
    On the other hand, that weird one with the olives in it is uh… vaguely unpleasant. Not at all what I’d hoped. It somehow came across as slightly fishy to me.

  2. Wendy

    We just bought this bar at Cacoa Drink Chocolate in Portland!! The owner let us taste it before we bought it so we would know it was worth the $$$. We love it!!!

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  4. anita

    Does this fall under the heading of unexplained bacon?

    We brought one of these bars to a birthday picnic and it disappeared fast.

  5. Tiffany

    Saw these over the weekend at the Whole Foods here in Raleigh at the meat counter. The butcher and I both commented on how despite the fact that we love bacon and chocolate this combo just seemed wrong. But, after such ringing endorsments now I have to try it. Since it is true most everything is better with bacon!!

  6. Susann

    My friend Samantha has been raving about these. They appeared briefly in our NYC Whole Foods, but have now vanished (sold out, perhaps?). Looks like I’ll have to make a special expedition to one of our Vosges shops…such a hardship, I know.

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