Butter (with corn)

As soon as I saw the recipe for pasta with corn, pancetta, and sage in the Zuni Cafe Cookbook, I knew it was going to be awesome. It wasn’t until I got to making it that I realized just how much butter goes in. I ended up using, uh, fourteen tablespoons.

Here’s the recipe.

Make this before corn season is over, and before I use up all the butter. On earth.

Laurie pointed out that a bowl of buttery corn with sage and pancetta would be fine without the pasta. Possibly better. I will investigate.

8 thoughts on “Butter (with corn)

  1. heather

    haha HA! i use GOAT BUTTER! joke’s on YOU!

    only, i just told you my butter secret, and once you tear through the planet’s cow butter supply, you’re bound to seek butter sustenance elsewhere, and i’ve just led you to my sweet, alternate-buttery lair.


  2. Maggi

    Fear not. Your arteries will clog faster than you can consume all of the butter on the planet. Maybe moving on to pig butter would hasten the process. [ducking and running]

  3. mattS

    Assuming this makes 4 servings, that’s a half a stick of butter per person. That plus pancetta sounds like heaven to me.

  4. Lauren

    Something similar to this makes an amazing dressing for fresh baby spinach or chopped regular fresh spinach. Saute in some onion, garlic and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Pour it over the spinach and add in the cheese!

  5. Andrew Feldstein

    Goat butter is excellent!

    And aren’t butter and corn really just the beginnings of a good succotash? No secret there.

  6. Wendy

    I made this for dinner tonight, adding garlic and subtracting pancetta, and made it out with only 8 tablespoons of butter–7, or even 6, would have been better in the end. Does pancetta have a magical butter-soaking-up property, or what? I’ll be using more sage next time, too, unless I get better sage.

  7. mamster Post author

    I think it depends a lot on your pasta. I was using the supermarket stuff, which I think bulks up more because it starts out dryer that more recently-made pasta.

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