DOTW: The Sober Pirate

Over at [Married With Dinner](, they have a feature called Drink of the Week. I enjoy reading it, because experimenting with mixed drinks is exactly the sort of thing I’m never going to get around to now that I have a kid.

Unless I can send that kid to bartending school. To that end, Iris and I invented a new bath game called Bartender. One of her rubber ducks is the bartender, and two others are customers at the bar.

Yesterday, Iris created a cocktail of half rum, half tea. I call it the Sober Pirate.

Today, I challenged Iris to come up with ingredients for a new cocktail, the Squawking Parrot. “Walnut salad and pork,” she replied.

“Cocktails usually consist of things people drink,” I said. This was restrictive and archaic, she indicated. Then the bartender went crazy after drinking too many Squawking Parrots and started pitching customers into the water.

Tomorrow we’re going to work on a drink called the Crow’s Nest.

One thought on “DOTW: The Sober Pirate

  1. Anita

    Hmmm… we’re working on some savory cocktails, but I have to admit pork hasn’t been on the ingredient list. Yet.

    Tea is a very trendy cocktail ingredient this year — Iris obviously has her finger on the pulse of the mixology world. :D

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