Natalie asks:

Were you and Iris on the food network? I don’t have cable, but my parents swear that they saw a bit with you and Iris in it. I want to believe them, yet I’ve heard nothing of it from your side of the family.

Okay, it’s true. You can view the spot online.

The Power of Food: Feeding Iris

It doesn’t seem to work at all on my Mac, so here’s a Quicktime version if you’re Mac-oriented.

I’m not sure what to say, except “thanks.” To Eric and Judy and the rest of Seesaw Studios, who made the filming painless and even fun; to the Food Network for airing it; and especially to Shauna James for making the whole thing possible.

20 thoughts on “Commercialism

  1. krista

    that was great! “plus snacks” was my favorite part. i’m going to show wressey and jackson when they get home!

  2. Anita

    Thank you for posting the link — I’d been meaning to look it up on FoodTV, but kept forgetting. I was talking with your mom about the clip over the weekend. She was (justifiably) proud of you both :)

  3. sphitz

    Thanks for posting the clip on Roots and Grubs. Watching it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  4. Natalie

    Thanks Matthew. That was so cute. Mike says my comment sounded a little accusatory and snippy. My apologies if that was the case.

  5. Lauren

    What a great piece! I love how Iris told you you did a great job! Is that a Salumi apron I noticed?

  6. mamster Post author

    Yes, it is. When they prepped us for the piece, they said “no logos.” I said I had a Salumi apron. They said, “Oh, that’s fine, we like Salumi.”

  7. heather

    yaay, that was even more fun than the time i happened to see the woman who made my wedding cake on the food network! (except that, in her clip, you could actually see my (awesome red) wedding cake in the background. i did not see anything of mine in your clip. that would have made it EVEN MORE AWESOME!)

  8. Nicole

    Out of curiosity, how did this happen in the first place? Not everyone gets to be on the Food Network.

  9. Maggi

    Great job, you two! We thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It’s funny, Iris and my son are a lot alike. And we have the same philosophy when it comes to feeding him as well. I don’t know many 2 1/2 year olds who like sushi, hummus, jicama and wheatberries.

  10. mamster Post author

    Nicole, our star power glows like that newly discovered supernova. Actually, Shauna was filmed for the same series (her segment is Gluten-Free Girl) and they liked her so much they asked her to scout for other subjects. So I got this email from with the subject, “I want to put you and Iris on TV!” I said, okay! Iris enjoyed the whole thing. She was not exploited.

    Shauna, please correct me if any of this is inaccurate.

  11. Nicole

    What’s great is that that’s REALLY Iris–she’s not TV-ified or overproduced. (And, of course, that’s really you, too.)

  12. sphitz

    Oooo! Shauna’s the gluten free girl? I love her! I’m a recently discovered Celiac and her website has been encouraging. Small (cyber)world.

  13. Jenny

    M-loved hearing that it’s possible to feed kids “real” food and not dinasour shaped frozen chicken nuggets. Do you use a cookbook at all, or just your own ideas? Expecting first baby this summer, and we have two goals with feeding kids. One, they get exposed to lots of different foods. Two, we are not short order cooks for our kids. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. mamster Post author

    Jenny, I use cookbooks a lot. Be assured that whatever goals you have for your kids, food-related or otherwise, they will be (lovably) confounded at every turn.

    They didn’t use the part where the interviewer asked me, “Do you think getting Iris involved with food and cooking makes it more likely for her to try new things?” and I said, “Absolutely not.”

  15. Wendy

    Yes, and after I pointed a whole bunch of Carleton alums to the clip and they started to feel inadequate about their children, I had to explain that I’ve also seen Iris gobble up about three cups of white rice while ignoring world-class Indian food.

  16. Auntie Nan

    It may not make Iris always open to new foods but it is likely to keep her from developing an unhealthy relationship with food. And Laurie’s mom set me straight when I told her that all of her kids were perfect from birth!

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