Spicy, spicy pizza

My latest Culinate column is about homemade pizza.

[A piece of the pie](http://www.culinate.com/read/bacon/A+piece+of+the+pie)

Thanks to reader Stephanie for suggesting the Julia Child dough recipe, which was a real winner. It’s so good to have bacon-jalapeño back!

4 thoughts on “Spicy, spicy pizza

  1. Maggi

    Ah Ha! Parchment! What a fantastic idea. I use my pizza peel all of the time, but I have to flour and/or cornmeal the heck out of the bottom to get it slide smoothly without the topping flying off the pizza as I get it into the oven. Thanks Mamster!

  2. Wendy

    Here I was thinking you’d learned the parchment trick from a certain expert, expat Cornishwoman pastymaker…

  3. Snowbug

    I was in a hurry and didn’t use my pizza stone. Big mistake. :( The crust was blah.

    Conversely, I used the other half of the dough the next day as flatbread (thicker and sprinkled with rosemary, capers and goat cheese) and they baked up beautifully on the stone. I guess that means I need to pay more attention and follow the recipe ;)


  4. Moose

    Yum, I love jalapenos on my pizza as well. TJ now has par baked corn meal pizza crust. It’s fairly thick, but much easier to work with. It was featured in their latest flyer so I tried it and liked it. You may find it too doughy. I have bad luck with pizza stones, so I bake directly on the rack. Next time, I will try turning on the convection feature to make the over super hot. -Moose

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