I took my G4 to V2

I’m coming to you semi-live from the new Victrola Coffee Roasters (aka V2) at Bellevue and Pike. Semi-live because there’s no wireless yet–or possibly, based on yesterday’s experience at Tully’s, people have started turning off the wi-fi when they see me approaching. But they’ve carved out a gorgeous, bright space in what I think was probably an old car dealership. (You can see more on Victrola’s blog.) This part of Pike Street used to be an auto row, and there are still a couple of dealerships.

Like the original Victrola, which no one will be calling V1, this one has excellent coffee; prices include two ristretto shots and tax; and they’re playing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Even without wireless, I’ll be hanging out for a little while to do some paperwork and probably spill coffee on it. I figure nobody has any cause to be embarrassed about coffee stains in Seattle.

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