A conversation at snacktime

I got one of these pasta drying racks for Christmas. It’s the kind of large, single-use gadget that as a professional food geek I’m supposed to turn up my nose at, but this thing is so cool. You can hang a huge amount of pasta on it instead of having to round up all your chairs and draping the pasta over the chair backs. Iris helped me roll out a small batch of tagliatelle and hang it on the rack. Then when Laurie got home, we boiled some up and gave it a try.

> **Me:** Iris, did you like the noodles?

> **Iris:** Yes. They’re too darn good for me.

> **Me:** Too darn good? Who says that?

> **Iris:** I do.

2 thoughts on “A conversation at snacktime

  1. Tamara

    If you like ot save plastic bags, you can hang them all over your pasta rack after you wash them. That way it will have two uses, and your nose won’t have to turn up anymore.

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