I’m buh-weet

I wasn’t sure about buckwheat pancakes. But I was making pancakes for dinner, and I was out of frozen wild blueberries for our usual blueberry pancakes. There was some Bob’s Red Mill buckwheat flour in the freezer, so I decided to give it a shot, substituting half buckwheat flour for all-purpose. I made some sausage patties to go with them, and the sausage and pancakes came out exactly the same shade of brown.

Buckwheat pancakes are great, it turns out, with a meaty undertone that would go nicely with something savory. Or, since anything served on top of a pancake would probably turn it to mush, buckwheat waffles would probably be an even better foundation.

The pancakes were enough of a hit that when I wanted to make cornmeal-cranberry pancakes the other day, Iris insisted on “brown pancakes” instead. Now I’m thinking about trying a buckwheat gnocchi recipe from Biba Caggiano. And I’m not actually going to try this, but sausage and buckwheat were such nice partners that someone should really make a corn dog with a buckwheat-based coating.

3 thoughts on “I’m buh-weet

  1. mamster Post author

    Wendy, Mother Wilder’s pancake rule is my one guiding moral principle.

    Seriously, a sponge sounds good. So does buckwheat honey on waffles.

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