Shroom heap

This morning Iris and I went to the U District Farmers Market. Shelling beans are in–I think tonight I’m going to make sausages and grapes over creamed corn with shelling beans.

We stopped at the cooking demonstration, which featured chefs from La Medusa and Eva, including our friend [Dana Bickford](, who Iris unfailingly refers to as Chef Dana. We watched some of the prep, then Iris got bored and wanted to wander around and drink cider, most of which ended up on her shirt. On the way out, she wanted to stop and see more cooking. It was good timing, because the La Medusa folks had just sent out a plate of crostini with morels and chanterelles. Iris can go either way on wild mushrooms, but she lunged for and enjoyed a big bite of chanterelle.

On the bus home, I made the mistake of bringing this up.

> **Me:** Those mushrooms were good. Should I make mushrooms like that sometime?

> **Iris:** When you’re a chef?