Tears of the black tiger

Hey, I’m back from vacation. Thanks for not breaking into my house.

Why am I posting at 3am? I can answer that in three words: Black Tiger milkshake.

The Black Tiger milkshake was created by the evil geniuses at [Coffee People](http://www.coffeepeople.com/). Black Tiger is their high-caffeine blend. It would probably be an exaggeration to say that a Black Tiger shake is made with vanilla ice cream, eight shots of espresso, and two pounds of ground coffee beans. But that’s what it tastes like.

Coffee People is only in Portland, and I don’t always treat myself to a Black Tiger shake when I’m there. But when I do get one, I typically drink about a third of it, give Laurie a couple of sips, and toss the rest. Today (yesterday) afternoon, however, I was responsible for driving a carload of people to Seattle, so I popped the shake into the cupholder and proceeded to slurp up the whole thing. The passengers were delivered safely, and tomorrow afternoon, when I wake up bloodshot and twitching, perhaps I’ll tell you more about our vacation.