Iris has been big on declaring that things are okay for the past couple of days. Like, today she told me that when she was playing at Grandma’s house, she sprayed water on her face. “That’s okay,” she added.

Before bedtime tonight, Iris placed a pillow on the couch and said…

> **Iris:** I made you a pie.

> **Me:** What kind of pie is it? Is it a rustic crostata with a lard crust?

> **Iris:** Yes. Mama, here’s some pie.

> **Laurie:** Thanks! What kind of pie is it?

> **Iris:** It’s rustic pie.

> **Laurie:** But what kind of fruit is in it?

> **Iris:** Lard fruit. (*turning toward me*) It turned into a cake!

> (pause)

> **Iris:** It’s okay if pies are cakes.

4 thoughts on “Pietaster

  1. Wendy

    All my angst about Boston Cream Pie really being a cake is soothed. Because now I know: It’s Okay.

  2. Neil

    Maybe she should trademark the phrase “That’s OK”, just like Paris Hilton is trying to trademark “That’s Hot”.

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