Shrimpcon 4

Iris’s current favorite word is actually. Cut to Monday morning:

Me: Hmm, what should we make for dinner tonight?

Iris: Salmon!


Iris: Actually, shrimp.

So I made this Rick Bayless recipe that I’ve been wanting to try forever, shrimp in mojo de ajo. To make the mojo, you cook a ton of garlic in a sea of olive oil, then add lime juice and chipotle. Saute the shrimp in this garlic-infused oil, then spoon some of the garlic and chipotle bits over it. This is even better than it sounds. I had some corn tortillas in the fridge and a can of black beans, so I fried the tortillas and, uh, refried the beans, and we had shrimp tostadas. Iris sat and looked at the shrimp for about twenty minutes without touching them. It’s pretty typical for her to request something and then not eat it, so I’ve learned to shrug it off, but suddenly she gobbled all of her shrimp.

I was going to say you can find the shrimp recipe on Amazon, but when I tried just now, I got the following message:

The page you have requested is not available for viewing. For security purposes, we are not able to provide further information about why the page is unavailable.

That’s understandable. If the terrorists get their hands on this shrimp recipe, we are all in trouble. You know, “If you tell me the launch codes, I’ll give you this big bowl of shrimp. With extra sauce.” I guess you catch more flies with lime juice.