Bring back the Concorde

While we were riding the bus today, Iris said, “Iris and Mama saw the Eiffel Tower.” She was referring to a model outside an antique shop near our house. I ran with this and said, “Iris, would you like to go to Paris someday and see the real Eiffel tower? We could eat beef bourguignon and oysters and crepes.” Iris enthusiastically affirmed this idea.

About fifteen minutes later, we were walking up the hill toward home and I remembered that tonight we have plans for dinner at Red Line. I said…

Me: Hey, Iris, do you remember where we’re going to have dinner tonight?

Iris: At Paris!

4 thoughts on “Bring back the Concorde

  1. vika

    There’s a place in Denver called Paris on the Pooter. They have quite agreeable fare… no, let me rephrase that: the best damn lunch of that whole roadtrip. I had a salad, I think; and a frothy, frozen caffeinated something or other containing crushed espresso beans. It was heaven in a tall narrow glass.

    So Paris may not be quite as far as all that. :) That said, I’ll be going there for a conference and spending 6/30-7/4 or so tooling around on my own (or perhaps with a couple of good friends, yet to be solidified). If you’re feeling like joining us, that would be great. :)

    I’m unlikely to remember to check this post for further comments (where’s your comments feed, man?), so feel free to email if this strikes your fancy.

  2. mamster Post author

    Hey, vika, there’s a comments feed on individual posts (look below the last comment), but I don’t know if there’s a comment feed for the whole blog.

  3. mamster Post author

    Although you just said you wouldn’t see this comment, so I’ll email you. P.S.: We’re not going to Paris in June!

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