It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s, uh, who is that guy?

This afternoon Iris came up to me while I was at the computer.

> **Me:** Dada’s doing some blogging.

> **Iris:** Dada not blog Iris!

She’s onto me! After dinner, Iris called for a scrubber, which is what she calls a wet paper towel for wiping her face and hands. I said, “Prepare to be scrubbed in a scrubby manner! Hmm, scrubby manner…Scrubbyman…that would be a good superhero name. It’s too bad I can’t draw, or I would draw him.”

Iris, of course, said, “Draw Scrubbyman! Dada, draw Scrubbyman!” Laurie added, “You did say you would draw Scrubbyman.” The previous paragraph proves this to be false, but I agreed to give it a shot.

The world is a little safer from crumbs and other forms of face-adhering grime tonight, because SCRUBBYMAN is born:


That’s a roll of paper towels he’s holding, not a giant battery.

P.S.: I’m also planning to post this to a Pavement fan site and claim it’s my drawing of Stephen Malkmus.